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October Spell A Week


Witch's Moon Spell - This spell will be cast on October 27th - CAST 10/27/03 8:00 am CST

This is a unique spell it gives you access to all the power and energy that I generate in my own castings. You can use this power to cast your own spells, wish, manifest, heal, or whatever else you want.

I have charged this spell with my own energy and power as well as moon energy.

When you have this spell you can add this power to any spell, wish, or prayer to increase the effectiveness or you can use it all on its own. Essentially, it is like having me there with you casting spells for you and harnessing the power of the moon.

This is especially helpful if you don't watch the moon phases or need to have something accomplished at the "wrong" lunar phase. By wrong I mean wrong time. There are certain spells and wishes that work best at different moon phases. Witches use the moon phase, planets, and moon voids to time a spell perfectly for the utmost power. However, there are times in life that you can't wait several weeks for everything to be "just right" and you need to work magick or make a wish NOW. This enchantment helps you to have the favorable influences of the moon no matter what phase it's currently in. This will make everything work faster and better.

To use it you simply say “I call upon the power of the witch’s moon for ___” you can name what ever you want like healing, money, success, or whatever else. Just focus on what you want when you say it and that’s all you have to do. Since I’m grey and the energies of the moon are neutral you can use the energy for light or dark things alike. 

Contact Ancestors and Spirit Guides Spell - This spell will be cast on October 20th - CAST 10/20/23 7:45 am CST

This spell is to spiritually connect with and contact your ancestors and spirit guides. Why would you want to do this? Direct communication with your earthly ancestors can help you in many ways. It can help you to know who you are and find out more about where you came from and what you are made of. Your ancestors can help you to overcome adversity and problems and even add their combined forces together to protect you. They have much wisdom to share and would love to help you along your path. You do not have to know who your ancestors are as the spell will summon them to you regardless.

Your spirit guides are human spirits that have chosen to stay with you in this life to guide you along your path and protect you in any way possible. By connecting with your guides, it will open the door for you to listen to your intuition and the subtle guidance that they give you, keeping you free from hardships and meeting your life’s goals. Spirit guides can be friends and companions as well as guides and remember they already chose to be with you.

The ancestors and guides also help you to connect with your own higher self so you can progress spiritually. If you are seeking a higher path or just want to be more spiritually complete then there is nothing like contacting these spirits.

This spell will help you to contact both your ancestors and your guides. You may encounter them in dreams, visions, or meditations. Maybe you will simply hear them as a small voice telepathically. Connecting with these beings can only enrich your life, guide you, protect you, and open your senses to the unknown. Your ancestors and guides will begin to make their presence known in your life in loving and profound ways.

Banish Fear Spell - This spell will be cast on October 13 - CAST 10/13/23 8:28 am CST

This spell is meant to help banish your fears. Fear, though necessary at times, can be a crippling force in our lives. It can keep us trapped, motionless, and sick in both body and mind. This spell helps to banish all unnecessary fear so you can be free to live your life in a positive way.

Physical therapies may also be necessary to help make the spell last longer so don’t be afraid to ask for help from your doctor if you need it.

Spirit Communication Spell - This spell will be cast one October 6th - CAST 10/6/23 9:05 am CST

This spell breaks down barriers and obstacles, allowing you to be more open and receptive to your spirit(s). The communication may be much more apparent and clear than before and messages you receive may be more accurate. You may receive more dream visitations, your divination will be more effective, and telepathic communications may be easier.

It also helps you to believe and trust in the information that you are receiving.

I am confident that you will find it most effective. This is especially helpful for those who block or second guess themselves.

It sometimes works immediately and sometimes works gradually over time so just give it time and I’m sure it will work great.

Spirit communication can be unpredictable and not always accurate so don’t make any decisions based on it.

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