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April Weekly Spell


Move Forward Easily Spell - This spell will be cast on 4/26/24 - CAST 4/26/24 6:46am CST

This spell helps you move on from hard lessons and difficult circumstances. If there is still something that you have to learn it will help you learn it fast and easy then you can just move on to more positive things. It helps you move forward in a quick and positive way.

This helps to get you stuck out of ruts and clears energy. It allows you to stop dwelling on the past and move forward unencumbered.

Finally, it helps you invite positive energy to transform any area of your life that you need changes in.

General Negativity Clearing Spell - This spell will be cast on 4/19/24 - CAST 4/19/24 7:54 am CST

This spell is done to clear any type of negative, old, and stagnant energy around you. It also helps clear and reset your aura. It eliminates any current hexes and prevents new hexes and harmful energy coming to you. It also protects from your own negativity and harmful unbound spirits.

If you have incurred bad karma it can also help clear that as well. It even clears and protects from psychic attacks.

Basically, this spell clears any type of negative magick, entities, or energy.

Psychic Attacks Protection Spell - This spell will be cast on 4/12/24 - CAST 4/12/24 8:48am CST

A psychic attack happens when someone sends a huge amount of negative energy into your life. This can happen from them being jealous, angry, thinking evil thoughts about you often, or even doing magick against you. The evil eye is a form of psychic attack the manifests as a curse but not the only form of psychic attack. A basic psychic attack can be sent to you by anyone even if they do not practice magick. It can be done through thinking bad thoughts about you or even prayers with negative intent.

Once the negative energy they have sent to you takes hold in your life it can cause many things such as; bad luck, financial problems, relationships problems, ill health, decline in all areas, emotional instability, charka/aura problems, weight gain/loss, changes in appearance, personality changes, self- destructive tendencies, obsession, fear, worry, and much more.

This spell will emit positive protective energy to help counteract and deflect negative psychic energy. 

Break Blockage Spell -This spell will be cast on 4/5/24 - CAST 4/5/24 8:28am CST

This spell is designed to break down blockages in your life that may be holding you back in all areas of your life. It will break and destroy negative energy, break blocks, and give you a clear path ahead.

The spell clears blocks from outside of you like other people and circumstances. It also unblocks energy and chakras. In addition, it even clears your own negative energy temporarily. If you are prone to worry or negativity then I recommend working on that as well or you may create more blockages for yourself in the future.

So whether the blockage is physical, spiritual, subconscious, or emotional, this spell will help to break it down so you can move forward in all ways.

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