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May Weekly Spell


ABUNDANCE SPELL - This spell will be cast on 5/31/24 - CAST 5/31/24 8:38 am CST

This spell draws on the power of the numbers 777 to bring abundance in all areas. It helps to manifest money, luck, success and abundance in all forms. It can also increase wishes and visualizations toward this goal and bring positive changes in life.

Wishing Spell - This spell will be cast on 5/24/24 - CAST 5/24/24 7:45 am CST

This spell is for powerful wishing. It is not specific to types of wishes. Anything light or dark could be granted. Be careful what you wish for.

This simple all you do is concentrate on what you want and make a wish. It varies as to how long it takes for them to come true. Sometimes they happen almost immediately sometimes they take weeks to come true. It varies with each wish.

You can wish for multiple wishes at once.

The advantage to a wishing spell is that you don't have to go through any bonding period with a spirit. No offerings to be concerned about and you can start making wishes immediately.

In addition to the wishing spell this spell brings protection, wealth, luck, love, health and happiness to its bearer.

To use the wishing spell you just clearly focus, and make the wish then wait for it to happen. Wishes don't always happen immediately, it can take time. Simple and easy! It also always depends upon wish wording and what you are wishing for as to how successful any wish would be so think wishes through before making them.

Health and Speedy Recovery Spell - This spell will be cast on 5/17/24 - CAST 5/17/24 7:25 am CST

This spell is designed to help heal and speed recovery when in ill health. It helps promote strength, repair, and renewal and also helps with a peaceful state of mind.. It can also help you with a state of better health in general.

In some cases complete healing is not possible but it can help you heal as much as you are capable of. Be open to new treatments and new ideas for healing as well. As always, see a doctor if your are ill.

3rd Eye Spell - This spell will be cast on 5/10/24 - CAST 5/10/24 8:10 am CST

This spell is to align and open the "3rd eye" chakra. This is the chakra that opens through the middle of your forehead. When it is open and flowing correctly you are free to receive messages and images from the other side. Your psychic and intuitive abilities skyrocket and you may even begin to make prophesies. Healing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, psychometry, divination, prophesy, communicating with spirits & the dead, and even telekenesis all have been known to occur with this chakra opened. So for those wishing to encourage their communication with the unknown this spell can help.

You can continue to meditate on opening this chakra if you like but the spell will cause it to gradually open on its own. It opens only as quickly as you are spiritually ready for so it can take time so be patient.

General Protection Spell - This spell will be cast on 5/3/24 - CAST 5/3/24 8;05 am CST

This spell helps to protect from all forms-of harm and negativity. It eliminates any current hexes and prevents new hexes and harmful energy coming to you. It also protects from your own negativity and unbound spirits.

In some cases it can also help to lead you away from physical danger and possibly send you help when you need it.

If you are being bullied it is meant to help to protect you from harm and negativity associated with that as well.

In addition, it helps protect from negative thoughts, ill intentions, sabotage, and the evil eye.

It may even help to protect you and your belongings physically to some extent.

As always use caution and common sense in any situation and don't look for danger no matter what spell is done for you.

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