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March Spell A Week


Mercury Retrograde Spell - This spell will be cast on March 29th - CAST 3/29/24 7:48am CST

Mercury retrograde can cause communication issues, revisiting the past, and electronics issues among other things. This spell will help things go more smoothly when Mercury is in retrograde. You will be more protected from negative effects and good energy will flow more freely into your life at this time. 

Emotional Healing Spell - This spell will be cast on March 22nd - CAST 3/22/24 7.53am CST

This spell helps one to heal emotionally from trauma, pain, and past hurts of all kinds. It can help lift spirits, heal old pain, and help you move forward in a positive way in life. It can also help with anxiety, fear, and other negative reactions to stress. It may take some time to work fully and you have to be willing to work with the spell to let the past go but this spell will make it easier to heal and mend.

In addition, it can help you be stronger and less susceptible to emotional hurts in future situations. Things that may have bothered your before may bother you less and less as time goes forward.

In The Flow Spell - This spell will be cast on March 15th - CAST 3/15/24 8:06 am CST

This spell helps align your aura and general energy with the flow of the universe. This alignment will help you get through any changes in our world in a much easier way. You will adjust to the changes well and avoid most of the hardships that many have to go through. It aligns you with positive forces of the universe to help things go more in your favor generally.

It can also help lead and guide you toward the best choices.

General Health Spell - This spell will be cast on March 8th - CAST 3/8/24 9:20 am CST

This is a spell for general health. It will help you stay strong and protected. The value of a healthy body cannot be overstated and this spell will help you to stay at your best. If by chance you do catch a cold or something then you should get over it much more quickly than normal. It will help keep you going and help you be able to stay active as much as possible.

Health has to be maintained with good habits as well so be sure to take good care of yourself.

We all will pass eventually and sometimes illness cannot be avoided but this spell should help you remain as healthy as possible.

Attachment Clearing Spell - This spell will be cast on March 1st - CAST 3/1/24 8:38 am CST

This is an attachment clearing protection spell. This spell destroys any unwanted attachments and cords to you, you aura, or your chakras. This includes thought forms, servitors, spells, parasites, and other entities. It also completely disintegrates parasites and other entities so you get rid of any spirits and the attachments.

This type of clearing often helps with energy drains, recurring negative entities, spiritual attacks, negative thoughts, depression, and material bad luck.

Try to keep your aura and chakras strong with regular meditation to help keep new attachments from attaching to you.

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