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January 2024 Spell A Week


Psychic Vampires Protection Spell - This spell will be cast on February 2nd - Cast 2/2/24 7:25 am CST

The psychic vampires that I am referring to are humans who literally drain energy from other people. Some know they are psy vamps and others have no idea but either way it’s equally destructive.

They usually have a select few people that they love to feed off of and many times their victims endure physical health decline, spiritual and emotional disruptions, bad luck, financial problems, relationships problems, decline in all areas, charka/aura problems, weight gain/loss, changes in appearance, personality changes, self- destructive tendencies, obsession, fear, worry, and much more as well as energy dependency with the psy vamp. It can turn into a co-dependent energy situation that can go on for years or even a lifetime before the victims realize what is happening to them.

Psychic vampires leave their victims energy disrupted and leave them drained, depressed, and ill on nearly every level. This can even take years off a person’s life, if left unchecked. I’ve seen psychic vamps drain their spouses making them sick or to die early while the psy vamp’s own life is extended and their health always seems unusually good.

They can also cause you to have symptoms of demon possession or undesired spirits hanging around you. These lower life forms see a psy vamp victim as weakened and easy prey.

If you know someone who makes you feel drained or unwell whenever you are around them then that’s a good sign you just got munched on energetically by that person. If you know of a psy vamp in your life then it’s best to always avoid them as much as absolutely possible even if they are related to you. You cannot help them but only will cause yourself harm to try and keep them in your life.

This spell is designed to severe their attachments to you and keep your energy blocked in your own aura so that no one besides you has access to it. This should aid you in being free and getting your life back. 

General Health Spell - This spell will be cast on January 26th 2024 - CAST 1/26/24 7:02 am CST

This is a spell for general health. It will help you stay strong and protected. The value of a healthy body cannot be overstated and this spell will help you to stay at your best. If by chance you do catch a cold or something then you should get over it much more quickly than normal. It will help keep you going and help you be able to stay active as much as possible.

Health has to be maintained with good habits as well so be sure to take good care of yourself.

We all will pass eventually and sometimes illness cannot be avoided but this spell should help you remain as healthy as possible.

Love Yourself Spell - This spell will be cast on January 19th 2024 - CAST 1/19/24 7:17 am CST

This spell helps you to learn to really love and accept yourself on all levels. It helps you do be able to reflect on who you are, accept everything about yourself, even the things you don’t like, and to learn to love yourself regardless of your imperfections. It also helps you to be able to move on from past mistakes to live in the present with no excess guilt and regrets.

Once you love and accept yourself fully others will feel more comfortable around you and be more attracted to you generally. It will also increase confidence and provide a platform for better relationships.

This can be a process but the spell will help put you on the path toward self-love.

Egyptian Money Spell - This spell will be cast on January 12th 2024 - CAST 1/12/24 8:28 am CST

This is a very old spell which calls upon Egyptian deities and magick to bring more money into your life. This spell could work in many ways including new opportunities, career advancement, help from others, gambling luck, etc.

If you need a better flow of cash in your life this spell usually works really well to open up the doors for new money. Sometimes you might even get multiple avenues of cash coming toward you.

Kick Bad Habits Spell  - This spell will be cast on January 5th 2024 - CAST 1/5/24 7:33 am CST 

This spell is designed to help stop any bad habits that you have. It doesn’t matter what type of habit it is, this spell will help you to end the compulsion and to put that habit away for good. If there are emotional issues involved in the bad habit this spell also helps you to heal and not use the habit as a crutch. You should find that in time the desire to do the habit grows less and less. In some cases you may even be able to stop “cold turkey” without any problems but only do this if it is safe. Check with your doctor about any impacts to your health of stopping a physical habit cold turkey before you try it.

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