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February Spell A Week


Super Luck and Money Spell - This spell will be cast on February 23rd - Cast 2/23/24 7:35 am CST

If you can't seem to get a break and things aren't going your way, this spell can bring you new opportunities and luck in all areas of your life. I'm not just talking about gambling, luck can take many forms and you will have plenty of it. Things will just fall into place and seem to always go your way.

This spell could also bring you many new ways to increase your cash flow. New opportunities, ingenious ideas, better jobs, winning things, and a million other ways money can come to you. Money will find you, make no mistake. The opportunities will be there, it will just be up to you to take advantage of them.

Life can be enjoyable and you do deserve to have these things. Just reach out and take it.

If you need to revitalize your life in these areas, this is the spell for you. It can break down the barriers that have been holding you back for too long and help you have the success you desire.

Clean Slate Spell - This spell will be cast on February 16th - Cast 2/16/24 at 8:10am CST

This spell is designed to help you have a clean slate in whatever area you need it. It helps to clear and reset energy as well as bring beneficial people and circumstances to you as needed.

Keep in mind that if your slate needs clearing because of something you have done then you will still likely have to pay consequences and karma. It won’t, for example, keep you out of prison if you committed a crime.

But it will help you to have clear energy going forward so that the past will not affect you as much. It will also help you have more favorable circumstances in the future.

Break Blockages Spell - This spell will be cast on February 9th CAST 2/9/24 at 8:01am CST

This spell is designed to break down blockages in your life that may be holding you back in all areas of your life. It will break and destroy negative energy, break blocks, and give you a clear path ahead.

The spell clears blocks from outside of you like other people and circumstances. It also unblocks energy and chakras. In addition, it even clears your own negative energy temporarily. If you are prone to worry or negativity then I recommend working on that as well or you may create more blockages for yourself in the future.

So whether the blockage is physical, spiritual, subconscious, or emotional, this spell will help to break it down so you can move forward in all ways.

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