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August Spell a Week


This spell is set to be cast on August 31st - Emotional Healing Spell - CAST 8:49 an CST 8/31/23

This spell helps one to heal emotionally from trauma, pain, and past hurts of all kinds. It can help lift spirits, heal old pain, and help you move forward in a positive way in life. It can also help with anxiety, fear, and other negative reactions to stress. It may take some time to work fully and you have to be willing to work with the spell to let the past go but this spell will make it easier to heal and mend.

In addition, it can help you be stronger and less susceptible to emotional hurts in future situations. Things that may have bothered your before may bother you less and less as time goes forward.

This spell is set to be cast on August 25th - 3rd Eye Opening Spell - CAST 7:50 am CST 8/25/23

This spell is to align and open the "3rd eye" chakra. This is the chakra that opens through the middle of your forehead. When it is open and flowing correctly you are free to receive messages and images from the other side. Your psychic and intuitive abilities skyrocket and you may even begin to make prophesies. Healing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, psychometry, divination, prophesy, communicating with spirits & the dead, and even telekenesis all have been known to occur with this chakra opened. So for those wishing to encourage their communication with the unknown this spell can help.

You can continue to meditate on opening this chakra if you like but the spell will cause it to gradually open on its own. It opens only as quickly as you are spiritually ready for so it can take time so be patient.

This spell is set to be cast on August 18th - General Protection Spell - CAST 7:55 am CST 8/18/23

This spell is to help protect you from all forms of harm and negativity. It eliminates any current hexes and prevents new hexes and harmful energy coming to you. It also protects from your own negativity and unbound spirits.

In some cases it can also help to lead you away from physical danger and possibly send you help when you need it.

If you are being bullied it helps to protect you from harm and negativity associated with that as well.

In addition, it helps protect from negative thoughts, ill intentions, sabotage, and the evil eye.

It may even help to protect you and your belongings physically to some extent.

This spell is set to be cast on August 11th - General Negativity Clearing - CAST 8:25 am CST 8/11/23

This spell is done to clear any type of negative, old, and stagnant energy around you. It also helps clear and reset your aura. It eliminates any current hexes and prevents new hexes and harmful energy coming to you. It also protects from your own negativity and harmful unbound spirits.

If you have incurred bad karma it can also help clear that as well. It even clears and protects from psychic attacks.

Basically, this spell clears any type of negative magick, entities, or energy.

This is great to do periodically as needed.

This spell is set for August 4th - Super Luck and Money  - CAST 8:30 am CST 8/4/23

This is a POWERFUL spell that is meant to bring great luck and money.

If you can't seem to get a break and things aren't going your way, this spell can bring you new opportunities and luck in all areas of your life. I'm not just talking about gambling, luck can take many forms and you will have plenty of it. Things will just fall into place and seem to always go your way.

This spell can also bring you many new ways to increase your cash flow. New opportunities, ingenious ideas, better jobs, winning things, and a million other ways money can come to you. Money will find you, make no mistake. The opportunities will be there, it will just be up to you to take advantage of them.

Life can be enjoyable and you do deserve to have these things. Just reach out and take it.

If you need to revitalize your life in these areas, this is the spell for you. It can break down the barriers that have been holding you back for too long and help you have the success you desire.

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