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This item is a vintage chunky pyurite in magnetite stones statement piece. The necklace is about 20 inches long and silver plated stamped. I don't know it it's solid silver or silver plated but it has a slight patina started on it.

With the purchase of this item you get this Norse magick collection for free.

This collection is sure to make you connect to Norse energy. There is a Norse Tiger, King Norse Djinn, Volkh, Valkyrie, Fylgia, Norse Vampire, Volva, and Viking Spirit plus portals to the Gods Odin, Freya, and Thor.


Let’s start with the Norse Tiger. Norse tigers look very much like a white Siberian tiger in appearance. They are white with stripes that undulate with changing colors. They have large fangs, and lavender eyes. They are about the same size as a large tiger. 

These beautiful creatures are most useful for protection against dark arts. In other words if someone is hexing you, cursing you, sending the evil eye, or otherwise using negative energy toward you a Norse Tiger can change the situation quickly. 

Norse Tigers have the ability to literally absorb and transform negative energy into positive, useful energy. They then use this positive energy to make themselves stronger and provide energy for their keepers. Negative energy that they can absorb is any type of hex, black magick, or negative being. They are fearless of dark spirits and entities as they literally absorb and destroy the dark beings, erasing them from existence. They only bother with destroying dark beings that are around them and their keeper. 

This is a perfect solution for people who are worried about karma from fighting back against their enemies. You never incur bad karma for actually defending yourself against and enemy but for those who are concerned, know that Norse Tigers do not cause any karmic debt or harm anyone. They simply transform the negative into a positive. 

This Norse Tiger is a large male. He has the appearance described above, white with changing color stripes and lavender eyes. He has a lavender aura around him. 

As with most norse tigers, his personality is quite warm, loving, affectionate, and playful. This tiger is actually kind of like a big pet, very cuddly. 

This being is grey natured, both light and dark. This makes him to be able to tread in the shadows to destroy the dark but live in the light with his keeper.


Next we have a King Norse Djinn.

The Norse djinn are a unique race of djinn. They dwell in upper Europe and have worked closely with the Nordic people for generations. They worship the Norse Gods solely and have a strong "viking" type energy.

They can grant wishes like any djinn and are also a fiercely protective clan of djinn. They are warriors who can be ruthless with enemies and block out all forms of harm from their keepers. These are strong, proud, and capable djinn who take instruction well and do everything they can for their keepers.

If you make a wish to them their tenaciousness will make them not stop until they have done everything possible to complete the task.

These are generally grey natured djinn although some light and dark ones do exist. This one is grey natured and capable of granting all different types of wishes. He needs no area of specialization as he’s powerful and gifted in all.

Being a king of his kind he can also call upon his subjects to work on your behalf as well.

He is strong, bold, and highly motivated.


Third is a Volkh.

The Volkh are shapeshifting beings that appear in Norse and Slavic legends. A Volkh’s main purpose is to destroy all forms of evil and negativity. There is no match for them. They will swiftly and completely eliminate all threats and then stand guard. If you are their human then they will jealously defend and protect you from harm, physically and spiritually. This is especially great when someone is sending you negativity and you don’t know where it is coming from. The Volkh will immediately banish the threat. They can banish the evil eye, and any other type of curse or hex. Then they will cleanse and heal you of any residual negativity.

Physically they can help guide you away from danger but any spirit is limited at to what they can do in the physical realm so don't take any chances and use common sense. They will still do anything they can for you though and sometimes paranormal things can happen.

Once you bond with a Volkh, they will be with you everywhere that you go, whether you are carrying their vessel or not. They are great spiritual body guards.

Volkhs can shapeshift and appear in any form, absolutely anything. So watch your surroundings and you may inexplicably see something that was not there a minute ago. Maybe a rock on your back step, a book on your mantle, it could be any number of things but they will always look like they belong. In fact you may not notice them at all because they blend in so well. They can also manifest with streaks of light, noises, smells, and just about anything else.

This Volkh is a male as all volkhs are. He is a shapeshifter so it is difficult to give a physical description. Basically he can manifest in any form he likes. It could be human or anything inanimate.

He is grey natured and a fierce protector.

His personality is friendly enough but not chatty. He’s more like a bodyguard.


The next entitiy bound here is a Valkyrie.

Let me give you a little background on what a Valkyrie is. In norse tradition Valkyries are female warriors and demi-gods that serve Odin. Their main purpose was to find the most fierce, brave warriors that were slain in battle and carry their spirits into the afterlife. There these warriors would either serve Freyja in her halls or go on to Valhalla and become one of Odin's army. Valkyries had other purposes as well such as actually determining the outcomes of battles. They became known as battle maidens and fierce warriors in their own right.

This bound Valkyrie spirit is a mighty warrior, ready to not only fight to the death for her human but she will also share her attributes with her keeper.

This is a great opportunity for anyone, especially if you are female and have never felt empowered in life.

Once you bond with a Valkyrie you will notice gradually becoming more aware of yourself and your personal power. In time you will stop thinking of yourself as a victim and start thinking of yourself as a warrior with all the strength, courage and bravery that this entails. Your self-esteem will begin to reach levels you never knew possible and you will command any situation. You will know how and when to stand up for yourself and no longer be afraid of confrontations.

Valkyries are truly the epitome of feminine power. You can learn how to break out of your shell and find yourself without fear or doubt.

As said above a Valkyrie will fight for you and defend and protect you when necessary.

I highly recommend one for anyone who has been down-trodden and is tired of being a victim in life.

This Valkyrie is taller than average and very strong but still looks very feminine. She dresses in brown leather and she has long white blonde hair with fair skin. She has feminine features and blue eyes.

This being is light in nature and she can be quite friendly and loving though she does not coddle and won't stand for whining or complaining. She believes that if you don't like a situation then you do something about it. All valkyries are like this. They are supportive in a tough way.

She will be a great warrior and ally for her human.


Next on the list is a Fylgia. 

These are really fascinating beings. They are like a combination of spirit guide, totem animal, and guardian. 

The fylgia usually attach their selves to a specific person or family line and they become guardians and guides to this person. They can act as protectors, omens, and familiars. A fylgia can change your fate and alter your destiny if necessary and can be very loyal spirits. They can warn you of danger in many ways including noises, dreams, and visions.

 Acting as familiar spirits they can take on your own shape and personality as a “double” to lead evil spirits away from you. Most often they are seen in dreams and visions as different animal forms but they can also take human form. Their human forms are usually female unless they are acting as your “double” and you are a male. Basically, they are shapeshifters who can take any form they like or need to at the moment. 

Having a fylgia will help you stay more protected and keep you on track to reach your highest good in life, even if that means altering your life path.

 This fylgia is female.  She usually looks to have long golden blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. She can shift into a male as well, when necessary. In animal form she is most commonly a dog, bird, or cat. 

She has a protective, loyal, happy, playful, and fun personality as do most fylgia.


The next entity is a Norse Vampire 

This class of vampires is unique in many ways. Not only does it originate in northern Europe but the abilities of a Norse vamp are different than most other vampires. 

These vampires have the ability to draw energy into their body like other vampires but they don’t use it to sustain their existence. Instead when they draw energy they convert it into other energy that their keeper needs and then send that energy back out to manifest in their keepers life. 

For instance if you need healing they can convert the energy to healing energy for you. If you need money, love, protection, positive energy, etc. these vampires can convert energy into similar energy and make those things manifest in your life. 

They are psy vampires because they do not feed on blood. They prefer to get their energy from living things although they do not like to drain energy from any one person. They prefer to use collective energy like that of humans in a crowd or a group of animals or birds. That way no being gets hurt for them to use their abilities. 

In addition to that they are able to absolutely block out any form of negativity. This could be from other people or even from yourself. If you have a tendency to be negative and cause your own problems they can help block your negativity from harming you. However, you should also ask them to flood your life with positive energy to help you break that self-defeating pattern. 

These vampires are much more personable than other vampires as well. Most vampires have a sort of “mysterious” vibe to them but these are very open and friendly. 

They are knowledgeable about magick, manifesting, the law of attraction, and energy movement of all kinds. If you are trying to transform, draw, or focus energy then they can be an excellent help.

 This Norse vampire is a male. He is tall and muscular. His skin tone is medium with brown eyes, long brown, beard, and mustache hair. He wears modern apparel but looks like a Viking. 

His personality is charming, talkative, and smart.

 His nature is grey, both light and dark.


A Volva is a Norse/Viking witch with her own unique type of magick.

As with any witch volva’s can spellcast, heal, do prophesy, work with and bind spirits, etc. Volvas special form of magick is called Seidr (sayer). Seidr magick is focused on the forces of the Gods and fate in a person’s life. They use spells and rituals to literally shape fate the direction that they want it to go. So their magick is similar but unique from other western witches.

Volvas are also very gifted at working with spirits, reading omens, and seeing future events.

This volva is from Sweden. She lived in the 7th century.

She is skilled in all forms of magick and is an expert at divination and spellwork.

Her hair is long and strawberry blonde. She is average height and curvy. She has blue eyes & fair skin. This lovely lady looks to be a mature woman in a long blue dress and black robe. She carries a large staff as do most volvas.

Her nature is grey.

She has a spunky, fearless, and energetic personality.

No offerings or rituals are necessary. You can start talking to her and meditate often to increase your bond with her.


  This is next one is the spirit of a Human Viking Warrior. He lived in Norway during the 800's so he’s ancient and powerful. He has not reincarnated since being a Viking and is content to not evolve more at this time.

He is a warrior but also did farming and other pursuits.

Vikings are clever, intelligent, and a bold people with a true love of their people. They are deeply loyal and fierce.

Having this Viking in your life can bring you a new found confidence and independent spirit. If you lack confidence he can definitely help with that.

He’s also a loyal protector.

His personality is very masculine, charming, confident, serious, bold, and a lady's many with a lot of magnetism.

This Viking is taller than average and muscular. He has long golden brown hair. His skin is medium tone and he has golden brown eyes.


Finally we have portals to Odin, Freya, and Thor.

The Immortals as well as a few other spirits are omnipresent which means that they are capable of being in more than one place at a time. This is how many are able to call on them and why it is impossible to "bind" an immortal to an item. I would find it highly disrespectful to even attempt it. What this vessel does is open a portal or doorway for the Gods to come through. This means you will always have access to them any time day or night. You don't have to worry about trying to get their attention with rituals or offerings, they will be right there for you whenever you call. These being can become a constant force in your life.

The God Odin, also known as Woden, is the all powerful King of all Gods (great Father) in the Norse belief system. This God like many others is really difficult to define. He has so many different abilities and personality traits that it is hard to know where to start.

He controls the sky, weather, earth, and harvests. If you want to ensure that the environment works in your favor he is a great God to call upon.

Odin also presides over fury, war, battles, and hunting. Although most of us don't actually go to war in the physical sense we all have battles and struggles in our lives that Odin can help us with. It seems clear to me that some of us lack the ability to stand up for ourselves. Even when you should feel righteous indignation you just can't stand up for yourself. If this describes you then inviting a powerful male presence like Odin into your life can help you to stand up, be strong, and be courageous.

The wild hunt is a term that you don't hear much. It refers to a group of spiritual beings who will literally hunt wrong doers and seek justice and recompense for their actions. This God controls the wild hunt which means you can call on him to send the hunt after your foes. This can affect many areas of their lives and cause everything from inconveniences to illness and accidents. Use responsibly please.  A word of caution, you must be irrefutably in the right. If you call the hunt on someone and you are the one in the wrong then the hunt will turn on you instead. Once you call the hunt there is no undoing it, you must let it run its course.

In addition, Odin also governs the areas of poetry, writing, music, magick, and medicine. If you are involved in any of these pursuits then he can be a great aid to you in your work.

One should know that this God is highly respected and sometimes feared. He can be somewhat unpredictable and volatile so if you become involved with him show him all the sincere reverence that he is due and be prepared for the unexpected. I personally have never had anything adverse or unpredictable occur with him but I warn you all the same.

All in all I find him to embody all of the powerful and positive aspects of a male God as well as the warrior aspects necessary in any existence. He can empower you in all ways and help you to become more than you ever thought you could be. You will find an inner strength that is deep down inside of you and be more free and confident to be your true self without fear, guilt, or condemnation. If you allow him to he can help to free you body, mind, and spirit.

Here's one last thing, possibly the most important about him.  He is usually pictured with only one eye, having sacrificed the other to learn the ancient spiritual secrets of the runes. This shows that he is grounded in the physical realm while always striving and sacrificing to gain spiritual knowledge and wisdom. This makes him quite balanced and an awesome force.


Freya, sometimes spelled Freyja is the great Goddess of the Norse tradition. She is a unique and beautiful spirit. 

Originally she ruled the Nordic peoples with her Husband Od who mysteriously disappeared. In later times the Norse were ruled by Odin and Frigg which some people think were later evolutions of Od and Freya. In any case Freya continued to be worshipped and revered as a supreme Goddess through today. 

Freya is a unique blend of love, beauty, and protection. She has long been known as a love Goddess with irresistible beauty. She is a very sexual Goddess and as such represents the power and freedom that comes with being a woman. She is the ultimate representation of female power and beauty. She is also very loyal to her followers and offers her protection and protection from all the warriors in her halls. 

She is greatly associated with war. She is the commander of the Valkyries and as such gets first pick (even over Odin) of fallen warriors to stay in her halls. Sometimes you will even see her depicted with a spear and shield to represent her connection with war and valor. Many Vikings would pray to her before battle. 

Her greatest legend surrounds her getting a necklace of amber and rubies from 4 dwarves. She agreed to spend the night with each of them in exchange for the magnificent necklace. This tale is symbolic of embracing the inner parts of ourselves that are often ignored in order to obtain perfection. 

She is associated with the number 13, Friday, sex, love, beauty, magick, witchcraft, protection, cats, boars, and more.

 Freya truly is a unique and powerful Goddess unlike any other. If you invite her into your life you will have many benefits. If you are female you will find yourself more confident, fulfilled, and sexually charged as well as more self-accepting and radiating beauty. If you are male then she can help you get in touch with your feminine side and appreciate the female aspect of the universe in whole new ways. She will help anyone become stronger, more independent, and self sufficient. 

In addition, Freya can offer great protection on all levels including breaking hexes and clearing negativity. She also brings health, happiness, love, luck, and creative inspiration to her followers. 

If you are interested in learning magick or simply delving into the hidden parts of your own subconscious she is a faithful guide who will take you through the unseen world without fear or judgment. 

I have worked very closely with Freya and I can say she is unlike any other Goddess you will encounter, a beautiful and balanced being.


Thor is a powerful Norse God, the son of Odin and warrior for his people. He is known as the protector of the common man and the God of battle.

He is Alpha Male at its highest level. While he can be somewhat impulsive and hasty he is also loyal, reliable, and a great defender.

Thor loves to enjoy all parts of life and when not engaged in battle is rather jolly with a voracious appetite for all indulgences.

He can bring his followers increased protection, strength, courage, confidence, and power.

One other thing he is known for is manipulating weather patterns to bring storms, rain, thunder, and lightning. This may seem terrifying but there’s nothing like a good storm to cleanse and refresh.

All of these beings work together for their keeper.

The names and information will be sent to the buyer via email. Please let me know if you have any questions and read the warranty below as well as the store policy page before purchasing.

 Warranty Information

Please read entire Store Policy page for full disclaimer.

This item is sold as a curio for entertainment purposes only. I do not guarantee that this item will have any specific result or effect. I am not responsible for anything that may or may not happen as a result of this item. I do not guarantee paranormal results in any way!

This item is not a substitute for medical or other professional care. If you have a health concern, see a licensed physician immediately. If you have any other concern such as (but not limited to) legal or financial, consult a professional in that field.

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