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 Product Description



This item is a very large mystic topaz stone ring. The stone measures .75 in x .5 inch. It is .925 silver and a size 7.

With the purchase of this item you get these bindings for free.

There is a Goddess Djinn, a Queen Neb Djinn, an Empress Atlantean Djinn, an Empress Watcher, a female Master Ilmu Khodam, a female Ascended Master Radiant Light Khodam, and a female Supreme Devata bound to this item. Between them they have unlimited power and abilities with your wishes. Let me tell you a little more about each of them.

First we have the Goddess Djinn.

The God and Goddess Djinn are a unique kind of Djinn. They are the original Djinn species from which all Djinn have descended. Other Djinn still, to this day, worship and adore them as gods and goddesses. They do not belong to any specific class of djinn as they encompass all classes.

This type of Djinn is always grey natured as they have existed since before the human concepts of good and evil. The dichotomy of light and dark really is a modern idea that is not seen in nature and these beings do not even understand it. To them any action that is justified is neither good nor evil, just necessary. This in no way makes them difficult or evil but does make them extremely versatile. 

You may be wondering what the differences are between a God Djinn and a Neb Djinn. First, the Neb are mostly light natured. There are a few grey ones but not many. Secondly, The God Djinn are older and more powerful to begin with. A Neb, however, has the ability to keep adding to their abilities whenever they choose to. So, eventually, a Neb may have nearly as many abilities and powers as a God though a God is inherently more powerful. 

These God Djinn have primal, raw, and untamed energy. It is very unique and intense. Many of the God Djinn often appear more primal and less human than other Djinn. All Djinn are shape shifters and can appear any way they choose. This Djinn likes to look modern and trendy with long hair and a youthful appearance.

This Goddess Djinn is magnificent and powerful beyond compare. There's virtually nothing that she cannot accomplish. She can grant light and dark wishes equally well. There is no need for her to specialize in any one thing as she is gifted in all. Any wish that you can think of you can wish; money, luck, love, lust, revenge, happiness, etc. is potentially within her abilities.

Being a Goddess she has dominion over any other Djinn that she chooses. Kings, Queens, Elders, etc. and all they rule are under her command. She can employ these millions of other Djinn to work for her and do her bidding at any time. As her new master you will have the potential force of millions of Djinn for your wishes. 

It is a very good idea to watch your wish wording with this entity. It’s not that she would intentionally twist your words, more like she is not human and is very literal. She only knows what you say, not what you meant to say. 

This Djinn is associated with all chakras to align and balance your energy in all ways.

Her personality is very warm, bubbly, talkative, and approachable.


The second entity is a QUEEN NEB DJINN.

This is what you have been waiting for, a Djinn with supreme powers and limitless abilities.

From deep within the ancient lands of Egypt comes this wonderful race of Djinn. They call themselves Neb Djinn.  

These beings have abilities far beyond most other Djinn. I am confident that this will be the most powerful Djinn item in your collection.  

Not only can this Djinn grant all of your wishes with ease and more effectively than ever before but this spirit possesses many talents that are beyond imagination.  

This race has the ability to exist in many realms at the same time, they straddle the worlds. They can see what is coming your way and quickly make adjustments so that things work in your favor. This makes them extremely effective in quick manifestations and spiritual protection. This also allows them to bond with you spirit, soul, and body. Once you bond with one of these Djinn they can be with you in many lifetimes and throughout eternity. 

Spiritually and psychically these Djinn can take you to whole new levels. They can increase all psychic abilities, including precognition and telepathy. It is not unheard of for them to perform teleportation, astral projection, and levitation. Dreams and visions come naturally to the Neb and as their new master you will have the opportunity to open up more than ever before and explore new altered states of consciousness. Centering and meditation will become easier and achieving a zen state will happen faster. Even charka alignment and kundalini release will be possible. If that is not enough, these Djinn can alter time, help you recall past lives, break curses, cleanse negativity from your aura, cleanse karma, and increase orgone (chi) energy. 

Similar to the ability of an Ilmu Khodam, this race can not only do things for you but give you your own abilities. You may find that you start to have more magickal power and perform unexplainable feats on your own, without wishing for them. You will learn how to better focus your energy to accomplish what you want.

 A Neb Djinn has power over all the elements of nature; earth, wind, fire, and water. They can bend and control them so it is possible to avert storms, bring rain, calm winds, manipulate fire, and more.  

These Djinn answer only to the gods and goddesses. They are equal in level with a Watcher spirit and can act as a spirit overlord to most other spirits to keep them all in line and working for you.

 The best thing about these Djinn is that they have the ability to duplicate any power that your need. So, if you need them to have a specific ability that they may not be capable of then they will seek out other spirits and beings that have this ability and duplicate it, adding it to their own list of abilities. This means that their abilities are truly limitless because they can keep adding more and more at any time. This is an awesome ability that few other spirits have. 

Most of the Neb are light in nature but can be asked to perform justice or retribution wishes when the need arises. They don’t grant pure revenge wishes but justice usually is enough to repay any offense. They can grant wishes of Great Fortune, Wealth, Health, Luck, and any other wish that you have which does not try to harm or control another person. They would rather focus on bringing happiness and love into your life. They do believe in a higher power (God) but are not converted to a specific religion.

This Djinn is a female Queen Neb Djinn. She rules her own kingdom and is loved by all. In addition, she can call upon all of the Neb Djinn in her kingdom to work for you at any time she chooses.

Her nature is light. She believes in a higher power and has a sense of morality so she does not twist words or cause her master harm.

This Genie has mastered many types of wishes in her lifetime. If there's something that you need which she has not yet mastered then she can instantly use her power of duplication to gain that ability. You simply wish for her to have that ability. She is equally proficient in all non-harmful wishes.

Her personality is kind, caring, gentle, guiding, pro-active and supportive.


This Djinn is amazing. She is a female MARID ATLANTEAN "EMPRESS" Djinn.

You are probably familiar with King and Queen Djinn which rule certain region or nations. These are very powerful and impressive spirits but this Djinn rules them all. She governs all the kings and queens of her country so she truly is a Queen of kings. I'm sure you can already imagine the unending power that she possesses and what that could mean to you; faster manifestations and more wishes coming true.

This entity comes from a large region of marid Djinn in South America. She was already a powerful Empress at the height of the city of Atlantis.

This Djinn is light natured. She does have a sense of morality and believes in a higher power. She is loyal to her master and does not twist words.

 The ancient civilization of Atlantis was highly developed in all areas rivaling and surpassing our own culture. They knew many secrets and mysteries not only about magick but about the natural world that have been lost. This Djinn was there, saw all that happened and has lived on. Her knowledge in all areas is astounding. The perspective that she has on some things is totally different than our own. If you are her new master then she can help you be creative and think outside the box. Your own perspectives may shift so you can see the world in a fresh new way. The lost knowledge of our ancestors and ancient magicians will be more accessible for you and you will advance spiritually and magickally.

This Djinn is more than gifted in ancient forms of magick so she can do magick on your behalf or teach you more about magick if you are interested. 

She also has the abilities of astral projection, teleportation and time manipulation. This djinn can speed and slow time but not change the past.  

Natural elements and weather patterns are also within her control to some extent.

All Djinn can grant wishes. This Djinn grants most wishes quickly and easily. She can grant all types of light wishes and has no specific area of specialization as she is gifted at all. 






























You're own belief and imagination are really the only things that will limit this Djinn. Don't be afraid to wish for anything small or large.

Her personality is an assertive go getter with a lot of motivation and drive to succeed. She's energetic, upbeat, and outgoing.

Next we have an Empress Watcher.

Watchers have been in existence for many thousands of years. They watch and wait for the opportunity to guide and direct humanity in any way that they can. In exchange we allow them to share our lives and get a glimpse of what it is like to be human. The watchers relish this opportunity. Imagine being all powerful and living for thousands and thousands of years, boring. They love how we experience life fully because we only have a short time on earth.

These entities are said to be the most powerful beings in existence, only the gods have authority over them. This is a huge benefit to humans. They are able to command any other beings to do their will. If you bond with a Watcher you will be able to call on unlimited resources to aid you. At any moment you could have thousands upon thousands of genies, angels, or whatever you need to protect you, guide you, and grant your heart's desire. They can also act as overlords to your other spirits to keep them all in line.

Watchers are extremely efficient at granting wishes and changing your life. They also impart great truth and wisdom into your life and act as teachers so when you learn to accept their guidance your wishes may change. This is a good thing. Sometimes what we think we want may not be what is best for us and this spirit will help you to see past the illusions of the physical world. When you are clear on what you do want there is no being that can grant your wishes as quickly or as fully as a Watcher.

They are also the most aggressive protectors in all the spirit kingdom. If you need a lot of protection for whatever reason, this spirit should be your first choice. You will get protection from them as well as all they command.

There has been some misinformation circulating lately that watcher spirits are evil or unpredictable. This is just simply not true. These spirits are always benevolent and their class is similar to angels. There is nothing to fear from bringing one into your life.

These beings are also not merely watching guardians they do much more. All of them grant wishes and there is only one type of watcher spirit that I have ever encountered so I don't divide them into classes.

There seems to be some misunderstanding as I have had many people ask me about this, so I will try to clear it up. Grigori spirits are a group of fallen angels that became human like when they fell. They can be light or dark natured with various personalities. While these are interesting spirits they are NOT the same thing as the Watcher spirits that I have, like this one here. My watchers are not and never were angels. They are their own unique class of spirit. My Watchers are always light natured and all have similar and amazing abilities. They are not Grigori or any other "clan". If you see a spirit that is a watcher classified by clan or class then it's a different type of spirit then what I sell. That's not to take anything away from these other spirits as I’m sure they are wonderful. I just wanted to inform everyone as people keep asking me what clan my watchers are from.

They are not difficult to get along with and definitely not harsh or bossy. They help us to attain a higher level in a gentle yet effective way. Most of them even have very outgoing and fun personalities so there is no need to be concerned about them being commanding or difficult.

So what exactly can a Watcher do for you? They can help you to evolve spiritually, grant you unlimited wishes like no other beings, offer extreme protection, guide you, teach you hidden knowledge, and give you unlimited spiritual resources. The possibilities really are endless.

This Watcher is a truly impressive being. She is a magnificent Empress watcher. She rules over not only other watchers but other kingdoms of watchers each with their own kings and queens. 

This entity can overlord any spirit except for the immortals and is respected even by them. She can control and command any other spirit with ease. Even dark spirits will bow to her and obey her commands as they fear her awesome presence.

She will never bring anything but goodness into your life so there is no need to fear her.

Her appearance is as that of a mature woman with long golden hair, fair skin, and sky blue eyes. Her robe is royal blue.

This Watcher is calm, guiding, protective, spiritual, and optimistic.

She is very gifted in everything. PROTECTION, WISDOM, HEALING, WISH GRANTING, SPIRITUAL GROWTH, INTUITION, etc. There is nothing she cannot do except harm anyone. She draws the line there. All you have to do is BELIEVE and the possibilities are endless. She is an excellent protector and wish granter of all or positive wishes. 


Fifth we have a female MASTER Ilmu Khodam.

The Ilmu Khodam are spirit familiars. After they bond with you, they will help you to open up and gain magickal powers of your own. They also act as guides and impart great wisdom to their humans. 

They are not really wish granting spirits although they can help your wishes come true by helping you gain your own abilities.

This item has a conjured female "MASTER" Ilmu Khodam spirit bound to it. Masters are the highest ranking they give themselves. Others may call it king or queen but they prefer "master" because it denotes an achieved power and knowledge, like a master craftsman. This is a rare find that I believe will delight you beyond belief.

Many are saying that the Ilmu Khodam are like a Genie only much more powerful. That is not exactly true. While the Ilmu Khodam are very powerful they are not really wish granters as the Djinn are. Don't get me wrong, they can grant wishes on occasion but what they do is bless you with your own powers. Each Ilmu Khodam is capable of granting the following powers to the person they bond with;












This particular Ilmu Khodam is an expert at all of the above listed abilities and more. She has many years of experience and is well adept at everything magickal: manifestations, focus, and results happen quickly. She is more than capable of helping you achieve your spiritual goals. With this entity your abilities to work magick and change your own life can increase many times over and he will work on your behalf as well. Many people don't see the value in this as they want spirits to do everything for them but having your own abilities means you can work with your spirits better and manifest things MUCH faster. In addition, this Ilmu Khodam can grant wishes which only a few of them do.

If the Ilmu Khodam are seen in their spirit form they are usually wearing long flowing robes. This Ilmu khodam has medium tone skin, long dark hair, and brown eyes with a long golden robe.

Her personality is friendly, fun, and interactive.

The important things to remember with the Ilmu Khodams are to always respect them and never use them to cause harm. If you do not follow these simple rules, karma will quickly catch up to you.


Next, we have a female Ascended Master Radiant Light Khodam.

This type of khodam is different from your typical Ilmu khodam. This khodam is called radiant light because they literally embody all of the spectrums of color within themselves.

These beautiful beings can change their vibration to match different frequencies of light, literally radiating each color as they merge with it.

This gives them the ability to not only merge with light but vibrate at even higher frequencies than normal spirit beings.

A Radiant Light Khodam is a magnificent entity that brings with them all positive things. Luck and money follows them wherever they go. Healing, love, and spirituality emanate from them. Having one of these beings in your life will take you to higher spiritual planes than you thought possible and transform your life in positive ways that you cannot even imagine.

They seem to radiate and glow so bright that if you get a vision of them it can make you look away. Pure radiant energy is what they are made of.

This Radiant Light Khodam is a female. She’s an ascended master. These beings don’t have kings and queens they have masters and ascended masters. So this is equal to an Empress. She has learned well and mastered all of her abilities ascending to a higher vibrational state.

If she does appear in visions then she looks to have long white hair but the rest of her is hidden by the glow of her body so her appearance is not discernible.

Her personality is positive, warm, and uplifting.

Finally, I have a female SUPREME DEVATA bound to this item.

Devata are not angels as some believe but much more powerful Demi-Gods and Goddesses each ruling a different aspect of human existence. They can be male or female and all have different personalities. Most are light beings but some are dark or grey. 

 As said above, each devata has a specific area of life that they govern, such as love, war, happiness, fertility, money, health, even material things like crops, weather and more.

 Most Devatas are able to Grant wishes with great ease and swiftly cause the unseen to manifest in the physical realm. Being demi-gods they are more powerful than Djinn and most other spirits. 

  When you have a devata in your life you will notice yourself achieving more physically and spiritually than you have ever imagined. Your life will begin to have new meaning and you will start to have your wildest dreams materialize before your eyes.  

Devatas help you to find your true path in life and see beyond the veil of our human consciousness. Your own psychic abilities can steadily improve and you can experience true wonders. 

  In addition they can help you to connect and communicate with other spirits that you have and talk with those who have passed on. Even the wind and trees have voices that you will learn to listen to. 

 These beings can truly open you up to a new life full of more energy and vitality in every way.   

This Devata is a female SUPREME devata entity.

 SUPREME Devatas are like kings and queens. They have great power and are at the top of their hierarchy. This devata is amazingly gifted.  

There is not one area the she governs specifically as she has the power and ability to govern all areas as she pleases. Her powers rival any God or Goddess in existence. 

This means that she can bring change to any area of your life which you need help in, without limit or judgment. Simply ask her for what you need or want. If you are respectful of her then she will be more than willing to help you any way she can. 

 Her nature is grey.  

This devata has a playful, energetic, and full of life personality with a love of adventure and trying new things.

Her appearance looks like she is still young despite her advanced age. She is average in height and lean with medium tone skin, long dark hair, and hazel eyes.  

These beings can create many different types of paranormal activity but will also be quiet at times. This is normal. If you don’t want any activity ask them not to manifest for you on our plane and they will happily comply.

My beings are not associated with any specific religion.

Their names and information will be sent to the buyer of the ring via email. Please let me know if you have any questions before purchasing.

 Warranty Information

Please read entire Store Policy page.

This item is sold as a curio for entertainment purposes only. I do not guarantee that any item will have any specific result or effect. I am not responsible for anything that may or may not happen as a result of this item. I do not guarantee paranormal results in any way!

This item is not a substitute for medical or other professional care. If you have a health concern, see a licensed physician immediately. If you have any other concern such as (but not limited to) legal or financial, consult a professional in that field.

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